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    • State of IFRS in Namibia. 

      Maliti, Paul (Institute for International Research (IIR)., 2009)
      This paper looks at the extent of adoption and subsequent compliance with IFRS in Namibia. It is based on undergraduate researches undertaken by students of the Polytechnic of Namibia, in their final year of study for the ...
    • State of IFRS in Namibia. (Presentation). 

      Maliti, Paul (2009)
      The study looked at the following research problems: That IFRS is not appropriate for small national economies and small entities; That IFRS is an expensive venture especially for small entities and for local entities; ...
    • Tax and the entrepreneur in Africa: A legal case study of the Zambian situation. 

      Maliti, Paul (Technikon, Pretoria & Polytechnic of Namibia, 2002)
      The main purpose of taxation is to raise adequate funds to finance government programs. The other purpose is to redistribute wealtn ariiongine Citizenry. Government effort in meeting the two objectives is frustrated by ...