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    • Identification and screening of entrepreneurial skills in education. 

      Wambui, Lydiah (Technikon, Pretoria & Polytechnic of Namibia, 2002)
      Entrepreneurship education should encourage students to look for creative and innovative ideas that may provide multiple solutions to problems, and develop their capacity to think independently. Education should provide ...
    • Leadership potential for credibility. 

      Wambui, Lydiah (2009)
      Leadership is the process of guiding and directing the behaviour of people in the work environment. Formal Leadership occurs when and organisation officially bestows on a leader the authority to guide and direct other in ...
    • Personal effectiveness and executive stress. 

      Wambui, Lydiah (2009)
      Personal effectiveness is defined as a distinct set of behavioural competencies (qualities, skills and attributes) that are associated with effective management behaviour or embedded within all work-related activities. ...