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    • The applicability of the short-run Phillips Curve to Namibia. 

      Ogbokor, Cyril A. (Frontiers in Bioscience., 2005)
      In this research, we invoke linear and logarithmic regression models to empirically test the validity of the Short-run Phillips curve for Namibia by relying on macroeconomic time-series data running from 1991 to 2005.Our ...
    • Impacts of inflation on Namibian growth: An empirical study. 

      Ogbokor, Cyril A. (Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSNET), 2004)
      The impact of inflation on growth performance through a case study of Namibia is analysed in the article. The methodology involves estimating a general model, which provides for capturing the impact of inflation as well ...
    • Macroeconomic impact of trade on Namibian growth: An empirical illustration. 

      Ogbokor, Cyril A. (Frontiers in Bioscience., 2005)
      The study analyses the role of trade on the economy of Namibia by considering a different specification of the traditional export growth model. Foreign direct investment is included to capture the potential effect of this ...