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    • No miracles here: Trade and economic progress. 

      Ogbokor, Cyril A. (British Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, 2015)
      Indubitably, striving for greater economic growth that can lead to a general improvement in the well-being of the people constitutes one of the fundamental macroeconomic goals of all modern economies these days. In this ...
    • Testing the export-led growth paradigm through econometric methods: Empirical evidence from Namibia. 

      Ogbokor, Cyril A. (African Journal of Social Sciences, 2015)
      Despite the large volume of documented empirical studies in the existing literature concerning the export-led model in the last four decades, the exact connection between exports and economic growth remains largely unanswered. ...
    • Testing the long-run relationship between export and economic growth: Evidence from Namibia. 

      Niishinda, Evelina; Ogbokor, Cyril A. (Journal of Emerging Issues in Economics, Finance and Banking (JEIEFB), 2013)
      This study investigates the export-economic growth relationship for Namibia. The study was motivated by the contradicting results in the literature of the export and economic growth relationship despite the wide theoretical ...